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Clear Rigid uPVC for rotary core drilling.

We are able to offer a vast range of transparent uPVC tube of various diameters and lengths, to fit most sizes and types of corebarrel. Almost all sizes are available ex-stock for next day delivery.

Clear Rigid uPVC for windowless sampling.

All sizes available ex-stock up to 132mm OD.


Solid timber coreboxes are available to suite all core sizes. All standard sizes are available for next day delivery.

Clear Rigid uPVC for rotary core drilling.

U4/U100 liners for shell and auger sampling. Vaston Parawax is used to seal the U4 liner and preserve samples for long term storage.

HDPE Wellscreen and Wellcasing

Mainly used in the extraction of landfill gas and leacheate, polyethelene has substantial heat tolerance and offers greater resistance to chemical aggression found in landfill. We are able to offer a wide range if diameters (up to 1000mm) and wall thicknesses and all casings are threaded male and female and when joined together give a flush joint. Slots sizes are generally 0.5mm, 1.00mm or 3.00mm.

UPVC Wellscreen and Wellcasing

Lead free UPVC wellscreen and casing is generally used for water wells, and groundwater monitoring and remediation. Casings are available in a wide range of diameters from 19mm internal diameter upwards. Casings are threaded male and female and when joined together give a flush joint. Slots sizes are generally 0.5mm or 1.00mm

Gas Monitoring Caps and Methane Heads

We offer a full range of the above for all diameters of pipework.

Borehole Filter Media

Washed silica sand is available in various grades, packed in 25kg bags.

Geotextile Filter

All wellscreens can be wrapped with a geotextile filter sock to prevent the ingress of unwanted media into the pipe.


A range of bentonite products are available for borehole plugging and sealing. Some characteristics are as follows:

  • Vaston Bentonite Pellets are cylindrical bentonite rods made from 100% natural clay.
  • Vaston Bentonite Granules are sodium carbonate activated, mainly used where bentonite needs to be delivered below water.
  • Vaston Bentonite Powder is a pale cream coloured sodium carbonate activated bentonite, mainly used in oil well drilling.

Protective Borehole Covers

  • Stoptap box (surface box), cast iron with screw locking lid, available in various sizes, the most popular being 6" and 9".
  • Upright security covers are solid heavy duty steel with a lockable lid, available in various diameters and lengths.
  • Circular well monitoring covers are ductile iron castings fitted with a watertight "O" ring. The most popular sizes are 6" and 10".


Vaston Limited stock both PVC and HDPE disposable water bailers. Various diameters are available ex-stock.

Pipe Protection Caps

A massive range of LDPE pipe thread protection caps are available. Please contact us for details.

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